Best File Manager apps for Android

Whether you need to search for a file, move a file, delete a file, etc ... you will need a file manager on your android smartphone. There is one already installed in default on any smartphone. However, they often lack some features that may be needed for your needs

File managers can be useful for so many things: think about when you need to search for a file downloaded from the internet, or when you finally decide to do some order, clean up all the files you do not need anymore, reorganize folders etc .. Sure , arranging folders and files can be tedious and tedious, but you still need a file manager.

If you're looking for Google Play "file manager" or "file explorer" you'll find hundreds or even thousands of results in front of them. This can be confusing for many people. Which one to choose? Do I have to download the first of the list? The most popular? The most downloaded? Let's start by saying that if an app has many 5-star ratings it's a good starting point, but maybe it's not yours, maybe you need other features that are not present in that specific app.
Let's now see some of the best app managers for android.


By bsteatus, ago