Seo is an essential part when it comes to run a blog. If you ran a blog you know how difficoult is to get visitors. It seems that everything is already been written, that there is no more you can add to the internet community and when you write something you think is valuable, you don't get what you expect. The truth is that most blogs do not attract many visitors, though the content is good. This may depend on so many factors, one of the most important of which is your presence on the internet. it is clear that more your links are seen, the more you will have new visitors. Enter your site on google but keep on struggling. This may be due to the way your posts are written. Below is a list of some of the most important aspects that can dramatically improve your visibility and your search engine rankings. Some will be easy to apply to your website and others will need more time. Just know that the more you keep account of these tips and tricks, the more results you'll see.


One of the most obvious aspects to reaching more visitors is sharing your page on social media. From facebook to Twitter, social media are one of the most effective tools to reach your audience. The more a post is shared, the more it will be seen. So always try to reach social media users, create a facebook page and share your content, try to create a community around your content. And remember, every time you post a post, share it on social media.


Allow your visitors to comment on your posts is a dubious thing that will lead you to appreciate your site more. Additionally, they might give you useful insights to improve your post, or to create more. After all, knowing what you like or not is one of the most important aspects when writing and comments are a direct way to know it.

Website speed

According to many stats, most of the users will leave your website if the page takes more than 2 second to load. This means that you have to pay close attention to speed. Optimize more than you can on your blog. If you use WordPress you will find dozens of useful tools to improve the performance of your website.


As part of the user experience, the images hit much more than long texts. Insert appropriate images into your posts, always remember to insert the "alt" tag (this helps search engines).

Not to do

There are a lot of things that can help penalize the SEO of your site , so be careful not to make certain mistakes. using too many keywords may penalize your post, focusing on words that really are the key.
Too many ads can affect the user experience and the same is true for too invasive ads.

In addition, content copied from other sites will undermine your position on search engines. Better use quotes, with links.

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