Gutenberg is the new WordPress Editor. Even if still only a plugin and in its beta version, it plan to replace the old editor in future release of WordPress ang give an almost total different experience to how you write a post or a page. The old Editor worked fine for many years without huge improvement from one version to another. Best quality was the fact that it was easy to use for everybody. If you write simple posts that's enough but when you have to write rich posts you need more effort, especially for the layout of the posts.

Gutenberg is planning to replace that and to remove all the jobs that take use of shortcodes and custom HTML. Instead Gutenberg blocks approach will make thig easier with a much better result, with more advanced layout options. Let's see some of the new features of this new visual editor.


First of all, you need to install the plugin. You can download from here or simply install directly from your WordPress plugin page. Than go to All Posts or All Pages and click on Gutenberg.

As you can see, there is already a huge difference, the writing area in Gutenberg is way bigger than the previous editor.

It takes the whole screen, adding more readability. You can choose between Visual or Text just like the old editor. Once you pass over a block and click on it you can modify it or delete it as you want. The old toolbar is now replaced by a dropdown menu

You will notice that you can also put some of your WordPress widgets inside the post. The idea is that once you know how the block work in WordPress you will be able to use them everywhere on your blog. Here is some example:


Now is simpler than ever to create a table.


Even for a text block there are news, now you can control the colors and many other attribute directly from the sidebar options of the block


Now you can just Drag & Drop your images into your post or page and modify its attribute, you can also add Css style from the sidebar.

Embed Content

Now more than ever you can add videos or image from Youtube or every kind of other service you use with easy.

So it’s pretty clear that this new Editor is really different from the previous and maybe we need to wait for more option (considering that it’s still in Beta) but for sure for many people this will be the new Standard.

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