We all know Google. Every day we use its unsurpassed search engine, watch videos on Youtube, read emails with Gmail, use our Android smartphone etc … But google is a lot more than this. We analyze some lesser known features.

Explore The Moon and Mars

Almost certainly you've used Google Maps to get directions or just to explore with Google Earth, but Google also offers the chance to explore the Moon or Mars. That's right, you do not need a space suit, but only an internet connection and you can visit both the moon and mars.

Flight with Google Earth

Install google earth on your PC, Mac or Linux and you will also have the ability to fly wherever you want with this flight simulator. You can use a joystick to have one or just keyboard and mouse. All you have to do is click CTRL + ALT + DELETE, choose the plane you like and take the flight


Choose from the hundreds of free fonts that Google makes available for any use. A wide collection of open source fonts is available for you. you can download what you want or use the APIs made available for each of your projects

Search Flight

Here you can search for cheap flights without having to go to any of the airline's websites. Looking for price, you can find the right flight for your needs

Words trend through the history

From this page you can see how one or more words are used throughout history

Art works like never bevore

Look at art works from all over the world with high quality and resolutions. The Arts & Culture section of google offers a wealth of artwork with the best possible resolutions like this van Gogh

Google Scholar

Here you can search through theses, texts, articles. Through many disciplines and many sources, you can find publications from universities, professional societies or other internet sites. An excellent resource for research


Google Trends

Search for the most searched words of the day, or the hottest topic of the moment with all the statistics you want. You can search by category or by country. Go Here

Evolution of the Web

From here you can see a graph about the evolution of the web. You can also see how old browsers or old web pages were.Go Here

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