Every day we use passwords to access our accounts in internet. As statistics proven many people use passwords that are too vulnerable from hacker attacks. Some of the most used passwords are password or 12345 or qwerty or football. Sadly, too many people use those passwords and that make our information to vulnerable, think about banking account or mail account. I know it’s kind of difficult to remember long non-sense passwords but sometimes it’s necessary.

A hacker attacks can retrieve your password in many ways. Let’s say our password is a single word, well, a hacking software could easily find the password matching with some dictionary database. Now we decide to add a number at the end of the word or changing some letter to Uppercase; this is the next step in the hacking software and also in this case our password could be easily retrieved. The last tools for a hacker is to use a brute force attack, which means try every single combination. Now let’s see how to create a more secure password.


The first and maybe the most important rule to follow is the length of our password. The more the password is long, the more difficult and long will be for a hacker to try every combination. A useful thing to do would be using not a word but a sentence that we can remember easily like a quote from a movie o from a book, a phrase from a song we like or something similar.


This means the use of number and symbols. You can for example took a phrase that you like and change the order of the words, adding some numbers and symbols

Multifactor authentication

This makes your access way more secure than just a simple password. Various ways exist, like sending code to your phone or fingerprint scans or USB drives. Google for example is trying to remove the use of password with alternative methods that combine facial recognition, how you type and many others.

Password Manager

There are numerous password manager available. One of the most used is Last Pass that saves your password for you. They have an extension for Google Chrome that automatically recognize the website you want to login and automatically put your password.

Also, many browsers contains built-in password manager

Not to do

  • Don’t chose as password your favourite game or team like football.
  • Don’t put the name of your pet, especially if than you post some photo on social media with its name on.
  • Do not use your or other birthdate. That kind of information are easy to retrieve.
  • Don’t use the same passwords for every account. If some of that website is hacked than your passwords will not be safe for all the other accounts.
  • Don’t copy your passwords anywhere, not on a piece of paper, not on your phone, don’t sent it to your email.
  • When you use number and special characters, try to avoid common uses like a ‘1’ instead of an ‘I’.

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