Whether you need to search for a file, move a file, delete a file, etc … you will need a file manager on your android smartphone. There is one already installed in default on any smartphone. However, they often lack some features that may be needed for your needs

File managers can be useful for so many things: think about when you need to search for a file downloaded from the internet, or when you finally decide to do some order, clean up all the files you do not need anymore, reorganize folders etc .. Sure , arranging folders and files can be tedious and tedious, but you still need a file manager.

If you're looking for Google Play "file manager" or "file explorer" you'll find hundreds or even thousands of results in front of them. This can be confusing for many people. Which one to choose? Do I have to download the first of the list? The most popular? The most downloaded? Let's start by saying that if an app has many 5-star ratings it's a good starting point, but maybe it's not yours, maybe you need other features that are not present in that specific app.
Let's now see some of the best app managers for android.



Amaze File Manager


This open source app is lightweight and robust and full of functionality. We find basic features such as cut, paste, copy, delete. It also has a good system for compressing and decompressing archives. It also has an App Manager that allows you to uninstall comfortably from there apps. You can search for your files or have access to the history. Very important is the mode of root explorer. There is also support for the Cloud servicies.
A great app with really many features.


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ES File Explorer/Manager PRO


Es File Explore is probably the most famous file manager there is. There are various versions, even free, but the PRO version provides additional features that make this app very complete. The key features of this app are: Easy File Manager, File Transfer that allows you to copy your files from mobile to PC and vice versa through Wi-fi, Cloud Management: supports Google Drive Dropbox, Box.ne and many more.
You can also access your FTP servers.


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File Manager


This File Manager produced by Asus is one of the lightest in the Store. Here too we find many of the default features that each file manager has. We also find file access in the LAN, the ability to compress our files in Zip or RAR archives, view files based on their categories


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File Manager (File transfer)


This is my favorite app, Contains all the features you can want. Copy, paste, archive, share … Cloud support, Wi-fi file transfer so you do not have to use your cable. you can add widgets to your hompage with folders you use most frequently. It supports many tranfers protocols including FTP, SFTP, WebDav, Lan. A very elegant and at the same time very functional design. Really Recommended


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