Browsers is a software that retrieves and show information from the web. If you have a computer the browser is probably the software you use the most. Whether you’re checking the latest posts from your friends on Facebook, or making research for a school project or just snooping around, you are most probably using a browser. Today there are browser for almost any device, your pc, your smartphone or even your smart tv. It’s essential. Many of you will just randomly choose a browser based on its popularity or just because it was already present when you bought your laptop.

The following infographic shows the usage in percentage of the most used browsers in the word. Data are taken from the Wikimedia foundation.

As you can see Google Chrome is by far the most used browser around right now. But let’s analyse better the most popular browsers.


The most used of all. First released in 2008, it soon became the best of all. There are many reason why. Firs of all there is bookmark and setting synchronization… Very useful if you have more than one computer and want bo

okmarks and setting always the same, or if you want to reinstall the browser you don’t have to worry about losing them; you just need a google account and there is a good chance that you already have one. Being part of the same family Chrome is fully connected with your Google account: it store your history, your password ecc… As of now Chrome is at version 61.0.3163.100. Now you can have more than one account in Chrome.

Google Chrome is really fast, not only when it come to html simple pages, but also when it comes to the many applications that now are running. Chrome can handle all this dynamic content very fast.

Another good feature is the Incognito mode witch let open a tab without appearing in browser history, or leaving cookies or other traces


Before chrome comes out Firefox was one of the only good alternative to Internet explorer. Now with the new version there is a new design that focus mostly on the simplicity and the speed. As you can see in this video it also surpassed the page load speed of google chrome. The new version is Quantum. One of the key feature is the possibility of installing add-on. Also the other browsers has the same feature but not as many as firefox..

Internet Explorer

This once was the most used browser of all, maybe because it comes in your windows installation or maybe because once was really great. Now it is not considered the best. At its 11 version now it has upgraded its security features(a really big problem until some time ago), but it’s still don’t keep up with firefox or chrome in term of speed and customization.


This browser is very interesting. Microsoft create this browser for Windows 10 and now it claim to be the faster and most secure of all browsers.


This is never been the most used browser around but since 1995 it always been present. It lacks some features that are in other browsers but it is pretty fast, a good alternative… At this version it as an in-built ad blocker and a free VPN. As the said, their ad-blocker can catch 90% of the ads, witch can be very interesting if you don’t like the annoying ads all over the page you are visiting and according to their test it also helps to speed up the page loading.

A couple of years ago I wold recommend chrome over all the others, but now, with the new Firefox version and Microsoft Edge I can just say that it’s only up to you to try one. I still prefer Chrome over the other mostly for its stability, but I’m really glad that Microsoft Edge and Firefox are pushing hard to try to reach the top. Everyone is trying to make it better and this battle is very good for the consumer. So let’s keep always a look to the newest versions of this browser.

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