Camera apps today are a key feature for smartphone. So important that many people choose their smartphone based on which one has the best camera. I have to mention that every smartphone comes with its own software for the camera. These software are specifically designed for that specific camera so you do not have to underestimate it, in fact, in many cases they can provide better quality. However, they often lack functionality, or are not constantly updated, so let's go to the Play Store to see which apps are the best.

1. Pro Capture


This app does not focus on post-processing the image but rather offers more control over the capture of the photo. It includes controls on white balance, focus, exposure. It has panorama mode and also wide shot mode.


2. Proshot

This is one of the most comprehensive app camera. These are some of the features

  • Control over ISO, shutter speed, exposure
  • 4k capabilities
  • Video Mode with full manual control, customizable video size and FPS
  • Customizable aspect Ratio
  • Manual focus assist


3. Vsco


The features of this app are not so many, but what distinguishes it lies in the functionality of photo editing. Preset filters with possibility of changing strength. Apply grain, modify saturation are just some of the feauter that you can extend with in-app purcase


4. A Better Camera

This app combines the capabilities of HDR Camera, HD Panorama and Night Camera to complete a full app. Some of the features are free for a 30-day trial period.


5. Camera 2

Feature of this app is real-time rendering effects with lots of effects. Some of these effects are.

  • Comic and Sketches
  • Sci-fi
  • Retro effects likeLomos and Vintage
  • Old Camera effect makes the camera looks like in the past.


6. Prisma

This app offers the ability to turn your photos into styles of famous artists such as Picasso or Munch


7. Z Camera

Z Camera offers a real-time filter that lets you see how your photos will be directly while shots. Among the features is the ability to change color to your hair. Although free, there are a lot of in-app purchases with many different features


8. Snap Camera

Various shooting modes, effects, borders are just some of the features of this app. It supports 4k video recording, RAW, HDR. Although there are apps with more advanced app features with better and better filters, this app can combine both making it quite complete


9. Open Camera

Open camera is very popular especially for manual controls. Supports external microphones. Totally free and open source is really a complete app


10. Motion Stills

Quite a new app, its main feature is recording small videos that become gifs and also has a fast forward option. Probably the only app to offer these specific things and it’s free


11. Manual Camera

His name already suggests what is all about. It seems to use full Camera2 API with access to shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, Exposure compensation. It also supports RAW


12. Google Cardboard

This app was made specifically for Google Cardboard, which means shot and view VR images. You can take 360 degrees photos and it’s also free


13. Google Camera

You can find this app already installed on many devices. Not many features, but they work fine. Functions include Photo Sphere, slow motion, etc … Compatibility is not the best because you need to have a device with Android 7.1.1.


14. Footej Camera

Another new app that uses Camera2 APIs, with full manual controls, video mode, GIF creation, and RAW format support


15. DSLR Camera

Perhaps the best Camera Room App on the store. Among the features: light metering, white balance, ISO, live histogram etc.


16. Cymera

Among the oldest apps, it is full of filters, stickers, special effects, beauty filters. It has the ability to add or remove parts from the face or body


17. Candy Camera

Thoughts especially for selfies comes with a set of filters, including stickers and a makeup tool. We also find a collage mode. Very useful if you frequently use social media such as Instagram


18. Camera Zoom Fx

This app seems to have been in the store and the quality has only improved with each version. Manual controls that work very well are very easy to use and at the same time it is a serious app


19. Camera MX

One of the most popular apps ever. It is updated frequently with new features and is really useful for everyday needs


20. Camera FV-5


Another camera app with manual controls that simulates many of the DSLR features. Many features but all are easy to reach

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